Terms of service

1. Definitions

Terms and Conditions – all the rules included in this document, specifying the proper way of utilizing the Website.

  1. Website – this WWW page that serves commercial and service provision-related purposes available under the following address: https://aim.market and is managed by the Administrator
  2. Administrator – site owner.
  3. User – every person vising the https://aim.market Website in order to take advantage of particular Services, for informational purposes, as well as for any other purposes connected with the functioning of the Website.
  4. Item – a virtual resource that has its use only on the aim.market website. The item has no real physical form.
  5. Service – based on providing the User with the Items purchased by him or her. Items are sent via the Steam platform to the Trade URL which has to be provided by the User on the Website beforehand. Also, the service is based on the purchase of an item with payment according to the specified details.

2. General provisions

  1. By making a decision to take advantage of the Website, the User agrees to comply with all the provisions of those Terms and Conditions and claims that he or she accepts them.
  2. In order to purchase Items, the User has to log in to the Shop by using the Steam platform. Logging in to the Shop via the Steam platform is safe and does not result in transferring any pieces of information or authorizations to the Administrator.
  3. Website is in no way connected with Valve Corporation, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Steam, or any other Valve Corporation’s trademarks.
  4. User understands that the purchased Items will not be refundable.

3. Characteristics of Users and the Service

  1. Service can be taken advantage of by adults allowed to use a mobile phone. Minors are not allowed to use the service regardless any consent from their parents or legal supervisors.
  2. User willing to purchase a particular Item has to top up 1$ to his or her wallet by using available payment options beforehand.
  3. While taking advantage of the Services provided by the Website, each and every User is solely responsible for breaching the provisions of those Terms and Conditions, including criminal and civil responsibility in the case of violating applicable law regulations.
  4. Website User is not granted the right to claim compensation for costs incurred to add funds to the account on the Website.

4. Complaints

  1. All complaints and claims resulting from faulty Service provision should be send to the Support within seven days from the moment of fault occurrence.(support@aim.market)
  2. Complaints and claims sent after the specified deadline shall not be considered.
  3. Complaints can be sent to the Support by using the address support@aim.market.
  4. Complaint consideration time is equal to 14 working days from the moment of Complaint reception.
  5. In special cases, the Website shall be given the right to prolong the complaint consideration period up to 30 working days after informing the User about such a necessity.
  6. After considering a Complaint to be valid, the User will be returned funds equal to the value of the placed order.
  7. User cannot request any form of compensation other than the one specified above, meaning that he or she shall not have the right to material or financial compensation.
  8. After considering a Complaint to be valid , the Administrator shall not be held responsible for damages and losses exceeding the value of the top-up.

5. Final provisions

  1. After User’s login to the Steam platform, the following data are sent to the Website: Steamid, avatar, and Steam nick. Logging in the Website is safe and is not connected with transferring such pieces of information as Steam login or password of the User to the Website.
  2. Administrator shall hold right to the verification of User’s identity by requesting him or her to send him a copy of his or her ID via e-mail.
  3. Administrator shall hold right to change those Terms and Conditions without informing about the reason of the said fact. Changes made in those Terms and Conditions enter into force at the moment of their publication on the Website.
  4. Those Terms and Conditions have been in place since 01.01.2023.

For customer service inquiries or disputes, You may contact us by email at support@aim.market.